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I need some help to get started. I've been trying and trying to get everything working for my home server.

What I want is a guide to install all this:

  • LAMP (and the additions to this like phpmyadmin)
  • SSH,
  • Mail (I have a domain, I want webui, spamprotection, antivirus),
  • FTP,
  • SVN,
  • LDAP (possibly)
  • System monitoring
  • System security
  • POP / IMAP
  • Filesharing with mac / pc

I'd love a book, or an online tutorial, but I've searched a lot and tried several guides without good results.

I managed to get LAMP, SSH, sendmail, SVN, FTP working, however I cant receive mail, LDAP, monitor anything, I can say that I got very much security, POP/IMAP, or fileshare.

However I managed to get IMAP working, in sense that the server receive the email, but I cannot access them.

And furthermost, I need to have a good way to control this, like an webui to control the server, although I use ssh a lot, I'd like some way to get an overview.



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Read a good book on Debian administration –  Basile Starynkevitch Nov 23 '11 at 12:55
+1 for a Debian administration book. Or even a geneic Linux administration book, most of the things will be the same with the exception of using the package manager and some file paths. –  Garrett Nov 23 '11 at 16:22