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As it is told in git-config manual, I have three files to specify git repo configuration: $GIT_DIR/config, ~/.gitconfig and $(prefix)/etc/gitconfig. Is it possible to make git read another config file (for example .gitconfig in root of the repo) after reading $GIT_DIR/config?

I want it as I created git command aliases in .git/config and I would prefer to store them in repo, so I can restore them when cloning and for example.

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GIT_CONFIG environment variable and -f command line option are the only ways how to specify custom config file and this will read that single file only.

My informed guess on the answer is You can store the config file in git, but users will have to merge changes to .git/config manually.

Also note that using file under git's control may lead to issues where different branches have different config files with different remotes and branches - seems like a way to ask for troubles.

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