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I have a Brother network printer, but it can no longer be next to my home router. I do have wireless network set up. What would be the most inexpensive solution to print without using a long cable?

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would you have a wireless printer? or a wired printer? I the later case, you might need a wireless adapter! – Vineet Menon Nov 24 '11 at 5:31
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A wireless bridge will join a wired device to a wireless network. Something like a Linksys WET54G. It has a bunch of ports and can be configured to be a client of the wireless network.

If you are happy to experiment, then I would get a cheap WRT54G or similar - a cheap wireless router that is compatible with DD-WRT. You replace the linksys firmware with dd-wrt and you can convert the router into various types of wireless extender (or remain a wireless router). This gives you flexibility down the track if you want to do different things, and often costs less than a dedicated wireless bridge.

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