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There is this program I inadvertently deleted it's folder in the C/program folder. then i go into the Windows Uninstaller program, it isn't listed there anymore.

I tried to do the executable for that program again, it "thinks" the program is still there and won't let me install.

How do i approach this?

Btw, this is a Autodesk product I'm dealing with Thanks

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Ths Windows Installer Cleanup utility lets you delete entries from Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs in XP). However it's no longer available from Microsoft and has been replaced by the Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter

You can still get the older utility elsewhere.

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If you have already deleted the folder form C drive then use CCleaner to remove that from entry and fix your registries by running CCleaner after that it will not show anymore.

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Assuming you don't have any other Autodesk software installed which would need extensive reconfiguration, you could follow the steps outline at Autodesk Support, specifically from Delete remaining Autodesk product files and folders onwards.

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