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I have Windows 7 64-bit. When I downloaded the 64-bit version of FF, it wanted to install in the (x86) directory. What's going on? This description from the FF website isn't exactly clear:

Although Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are released for x86-64 OS platform, officially build by / is still for x86 only. This is native 64 bit coded mozilla (Firefox).

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As far as I know - only Aurora and Nightly builds have native 64-bit versions. There are also 32bit versions (x86) compiled and optimized for 64 bit OS. Like Waterfox. – Simon Verbeke Nov 24 '11 at 19:26
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This translation into English might help you:

Although there are x86-64 versions of the Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows NT operating systems, the official build of Mozilla/Firefox by the Mozilla Foundation is still only 32-bit. The project discussed on this WWW site is an unofficial 64-bit build of Mozilla/Firefox by Makoto Kato.

Further reading

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Thanks. The add'l info makes the situation clearer. – mrblint Nov 24 '11 at 19:22

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