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I'm trying to use rsync to backup data from a local shared drive to a remove server. Both the local machine and the remote server are running Cygwin under Windows XP. I use the following command:

rsync -aze ssh --size-only --delete //SharedFolder/dir/subdir user@remoteserver:/cygdrive/c/dir

The problem is that instead of copying files to the subdir directory, a new directory is created called subdir?, where ? is a non-ascii character. I tried various combinations of / at the end of the destination or remote path, always with the same result.

How can I tell rsync not to create this weird new directory?

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What's the ? character? echo subdir* | od -t x1 should reveal this. I suspect a stray CR (\x0d), but I don't know what would be causing that. – Gilles Nov 24 '11 at 21:06
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The problem was that the script file used to run the command was saved in the Windows format with \r\n line separators. That weird character was the carriage return. I saved the file in the unix format with just \n and things are now fine.

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