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I know how to have six symbols on one key thanks to this question: Xmodmap: Six characters to one key?

However, when I have two layouts and switch them, weird things happen. I have the following (well, different, but this is easier to talk about) line in my xmodmap:

keycode  31 = a A b B c C                      

When I log in, everything works as you would expect. Pressing key 31 give a, with Shift A, with AltGr c and C respectively and with ISO_Level3_Shift.

However, when I change the layout, key 31 gives me b and B with shift and c and C with AltGr.

This is on Ubuntu 11.10 under Ubuntu. Does anybody undestand what is happening? Could I restrict xmodmap to just one layout?

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Solution is here:

You need to look into the answer. This is essential:

clear mod3
clear mod5
keycode 94 = Mode_switch
add mod3 = Mode_switch
add mod5 = ISO_Level3_Shift
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