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I want to control my laptop from my desktop.

I've been doing this with VNC (PC desktop to MacBook Pro) - but I want to remove the 'viewing' aspect of it on my desktop; I don't want to have the viewing screen on the desktop but still be able to control the mouse/keyboard via VNC.

Is this possible?

I'm using RealVNC Viewer and connecting to the default built-in VNC server on Mac OS X Lion.

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Instead of VNC, consider using synergy. A great tool for controlling multiple machines from a single keyboard/mouse. Cross platform Windows / OSX / Linux.

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Thanks a lot. Just what I was looking for. – aurinko Nov 25 '11 at 1:00
Great. Just so you know, upvoting a useful answer as well as accepting it is good practice. – Paul Nov 25 '11 at 1:08

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