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I recently acquired a Sheevaplug (this spec) and would like to use it for:

  1. Storage for my home network
  2. Sharing media with home media devices like my TVs

Is it possible to use FreeNAS on the Sheevaplug?

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SheevaPlug is an ARM processor based product, whereas FreeNAS is only available for x86 and x64 processors.

Having said that, freenas is ultimately a collection of software that allows file and disk volume sharing across a network.

From your description, Samba (file sharing via CIFS - like a Windows share) and/or NFS (linux sharing) would suit your needs, both of which are available out of the box with Sheeva. So perhaps you don't need freenas. You could also use webmin to administer it to keep things simple.

If your media serving requirements include DLNA, you can install Twonky server on Sheevaplug, which is a well used DLNA server.

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Thanks, Paul. I require something that's DLNA-compliant, which I understand FreeNAS can be. Disappointing that it's not compatible with my SheevaPlug, though! Thanks for clarifying that for me. – James Nov 25 '11 at 13:16
Updated the answer... – Paul Nov 25 '11 at 13:19

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