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I love private browsing and I always set up a private or incognito browser when I am letting others use my computer for a few minutes.

I think it would be fantastic if private browsing was enabled by default and a simple login was required to access stored login sessions, saved passwords, and history.

Does anyone know of plugins or applications that make this possible?

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To setup private browsing by default, simply adjust your shortcut for the browser:

firefox.exe -private
chrome.exe --incognito
iexplorer.exe -private

For Safari it gets tricky, because you have to edit the plist file (and as far as I know, no way to do this on the fly and then have it reset).

The other common way to do this is to setup a default guest profile and adjust the shortcuts accordingly.

Some browsers provide profiles - and you can adjust the shortcut to load the profile that you want. For firefox, launch with -profilemanager to manage your profiles.

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