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Is there an add-in for Word (2007+ ) that makes inserting of cross references to headings (table of content items) or figures actually usable?

I'm looking ideally for something I know from my Latex editor, when I want to reference something I'm offered with a auto complete drop down that shows me my document structure, figures and tables and I can select / filter them very quickly.

The main problems I'm having with Word cross references

  • Cumbersome to find the correct section in the full structure that includes every bloody numbered list
  • Always have to reselect that figures are only referenced with "Figure X" and not the whole caption
  • Cross Reference window just floating around, always in the way, away when I re-open the document

Taken together, it takes forever to add a reference, maybe that's the reason why most longer Word documents I'm working on don't have them =)

Or maybe I'm just inapt in this regard, are there any tips how to to use the integrated cross reference function in a better way?

Thanks, elm

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hi @Elmar. You end up finding a decent solution to this? It's infuriating. –  Kent Boogaart May 5 at 4:06
@KentBoogaart it's been a while but I don't remember finding anything and ending up sucking up doing it in Word and cursing my way through it. –  Elmar Weber May 6 at 7:33

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