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Is there a way to have environment variables on a remote host evaluated when using SCP?

For instance, let's say I have $FOO= /mydir on host A; how would I do something like:

scp dogbert@hostA:$FOO/evil-secret-plans.txt .

Of course, $FOO isn't defined on my local machine so the above command doesn't work as it is.

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Try it like this:

scp dogbert@hostA:$(ssh dagobert@hostA "echo $FOO")/evil-secret-plans.txt .

A bit of overhead.

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The easier thing to do is to send the file with tar or gzip through stdout / stdin.

tar -czf - ./evilsecretfile.txt | ssh user@remoteHost "cd \${varOnRemoteSystem} ; tar -xzf - ."


gzip -c localFileName.txt | ssh user@remoteHost "gzip -d > /remote/path/\${varOnRemoteSystem} ; chmod 666 /remote/path\${varOnRemoteSystem}"

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Add a \:

scp dogbert@hostA:"\$FOO/evil-secret-plans.txt" .
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