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I recently got myself a netbook (Asus 1018pb) and its really good . I have been stuck up with a lot of work and hence not got around to using it in about a week now .

It runs Ubuntu 11.04 and today when i tried to turn it on , it seemed to be completely drained out of charge . I plugged in the charger and started working but after sometime i noticed that the battery percentage hasn't gone up by 1% even on the top , when i click on the battery , it says laptop battery (estimating...)

And in addition to this , the charge light keeps blinking .

Has anybody else faced this problem ?

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Its now charging !

Turns out , the battery was COMPLETELY drained out ! I just left the charger on for a bit (about half an hour) and now its charging . The battery indicator also has updated to say that it will need about 2 hours to complete !

So i guess the answer is : Patience is a virtue :)

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