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Possible Duplicate:
How access network computers by name

I would like to try and get an internal ip address of one of the computers on my network. The reason for this is I have a little home server box downstairs but every time I want to SSH into it I have to open my router configuration and go on the DHCP client table and look at the IP address. For example I would like to be able to go ssh ell-sever instead of ssh or whatever it happens to be.

My network configuration is like so:

  • Router downstairs that is connected to the Internet and is running a DHCP server
  • My server computer (ell-server) is a headless pc connected to the router via ethernet cable. Running Ubuntu 11.04 Server Edition
  • My laptop upstairs (ell-laptop) that is running Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Edition connected wirelessly
  • Other (irrelevant) computers - 2 x Windows XP, 1 x Xubuntu - all connected with cables.

(It seemed to me the method of connection isn't useful information but I put it in anyway - just in case. If I have missed any information please tell me)

Do I have to run a DNS server on one of my computers? If so which one? And does that mean I will have to run a DDNS client on each computer?

Thanks in advance, ell.

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Since the network is not very large, and probably won't change very often, perhaps consider using static IP settings (instead of DHCP) and client-based HOSTS files instead of DNS.

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To better specify static options, you can set a static IP outside your DHCP range on the server, or if your router permits (and most can do this) set DHCP to reserve a specific IP for the server's MAC address. – MaQleod Nov 25 '11 at 18:51

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