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I see a 2009 post at which ALMOST gets me there but requires MBR partitioning style. Anyway, I followed that and got:

  1. Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2)
  2. Windows 7 x64 Prof (whole-disk-encrypted, WDE, via Truecrypt)
  3. MBR style disk partitioning (<== issue!)

However, I need to make this work as a GPT system because I need to turn on FileVault2 on Mac OS X and FileVault2 wants GPT, not MBR :(

When I directly tried turning TrueCrypt whole disk encryption, on my GPT system Truecrypt kept complaining that I didn't have 32Kb free space at the start to install the Truecrypt bootloader. Like the post above, I suspect TrueCrypt expects a 512byte MBR (sector 0) and then looks for 32KB blank space. However the GPT itself takes the first 34 sectors (17Kb), so Truecrypts logic fails.

Does anyone know how I can get Mac OS X Lion (FileVault2) and Windows 7 x64 Prof (Truecrypt WDE) working on a Mac?



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At face value this is a different question but the underlying issue of securing both windows and lion on a single machine are solved at

How to encrypt ONLY a user's profile folder (e.g.: /User/sid) on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2?

In short, run Windows 7 as a virtual machine inside lion, turn on filevault for lion.

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