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What are the default window managers in Ubuntu (11.10) and Fedora (16)? I didn't seem to be able to find it online, and if it can be installed in CrunchBang.

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aw, why the downvote? :-/ –  tekknolagi Nov 26 '11 at 8:22
I have +1 it. Because IMHO though you are expecting too much your question is genuine. I gathered some information immediately. The GNOME Shell, responsible for the new user experience in GNOME 3, runs as a plugin for Mutter. Started as a fork of Metacity. The Unity shell interface is now written in a toolkit called Nux instead of Clutter[12] and a plugin of the Compiz window manager, which Canonical states is faster than Mutter, the window manager for which GNOME Shell is a plugin. –  Sachin Divekar Nov 26 '11 at 9:30
add it as an aswer, @SachinDivekar :) –  tekknolagi Nov 26 '11 at 9:35

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The default desktop environment on Fedora is GNOME, using the GNOME Shell. Fedora 16 includes GNOME and GNOME Shell version 3.2. The default desktop environment on Ubuntu is also technically GNOME, but using the Unity shell. Ubuntu 11.10 also includes GNOME 3.2, but uses Unity version 4.22.0.

The default window manager in Fedora w/GNOME Shell is Mutter. The default window manager in Ubuntu w/Unity is Compiz.

GNOME 3 is not packaged for CrunchBang, but reportedly can be easily installed from the Debian testing repository. Unity is not currently available for Debian or CrunchBang.

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