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Considering this rig:

  • i7 2600K
  • 8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance kit 10-9-10-27 @1866
  • HD 4870
  • PSU Corsair AX 1200

I recently upgraded to a HD 6970 and I am getting the following not so nice screens (click to zoom in):

enter image description here  enter image description here  enter image description here

Has anyone any similar trouble at all? I am thinking that the card is DOA but could it also be the Mobo? Since I am in the BIOS I can't think how the mobo could be the problem. HD 4870 works perfect btw regardless of what I throw at it.

Is there any way to prove that the card is OK?

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Those lines are called artifacts. for more info, and maybe ideas on how to fix, see this related question.

To prove its OK, plug it into another compatable motherboard.

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