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I'm using pdfedit on Linux. I want to draw a rectangle over a document, but the "draw rectangle" menu item is grayed out, and the "draw rectangle" tool on the toolbar is grayed out. I have read the documentation and am not enlightened.

Anyone know how I can turn this functionality on? I have version 0.4.5 from Debian.

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I'm just mentioning this on the off chance that you might not mind annotating PDFs using a closed-source tool. In any case, PDF-XChange viewer is a free tool that installs and runs perfectly under Wine on Linux, and gives you full PDF annotation capabilities, including drawing, adding text and other annotations. See: http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer

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Doesn't address the question about pdfedit software though. –  vgoff Nov 7 '12 at 0:42

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