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At the moment I'm managing a little network (7 hosts) linked to the outside world through a normal ADSL connection. This little network is inside a consulting room in which works 4 medic + 2 secretaries, recently my region decided to give internet connection for free to all the consulting rooms they can reach.

Now, my problem is that the region gave me 4 ip adresses but I have 7 hosts, what is the best way to connect all of them to the outside using all the 4 ip adresses? A load-balanced proxy? Routing 2 network?

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You need to better specify your requirements. Does any single person or device require a public IP for any given reason? Does single person or device require that others connect to the machine remotely? Do you really require the use of all 4 IPs, or will just one suffice if all devices have internet access? Without knowing exactly what you will be running on that little network of yours, it is hard to give a network topology recommendation. RedGrittyBrick's answer is a good basic setup, and probably will suffice, but it would help us give you better information if you were more specific. – MaQleod Nov 28 '11 at 16:04
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Use a router that supports Network Address Translation (NAT) - almost all do. The usual arrangement is to use an address range reserved for private use such as 192.168.0.* internally (either static or DHCP) and have the router translate that to one (or more) external IP-addresses.

Most SOHO routers do this out of the box.

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