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I have imported an existing machine on a freshly installed VirtualBox 4.1.6r74727, running on a Ubuntu Server 10.04 box. The guest OS is Windows Server 2003.

Further, I have modified the VM as follows ( represents the real publc IPv4 address of the host machine):

VBoxManage modifyvm "2003" --vrdeaddress --vrde on --vrdeport 3389 --vrdemulticon on --vrdeauthtype external

After that, I started the VM with the following:

VBoxManage startvm "2003" --type headless --vrde=on

When I issue VBoxManage showvminfo "2003", I get the following:

VRDE:            enabled (Address, Ports 3389, MultiConn: on, ReuseSingleConn: off, Authentication type: external)
Video redirection: disabled

However, port 3389 stays closed both on, and on localhost and I cannot connect to VRDE. What is the reason and how should I approach fixing it?

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Doh.. I didn't have the extras pack installed:

VBoxManage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.6-74713.vbox-extpack
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