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I've got a shared folder on my network that holds my music. I recently converted my flac to mp3, and want to move the flac to the network folder. So I mounted the network share with sudo mount -o username=Robert // /mnt/networkmusic and then navigated to the folders with flac in them.

Then, in that folder, I made sure that every subfolder was one I wanted moved (they were) and did for f in *; do sudo mv "$f"/ /mnt/networkmusic; done which worked and moved a few of them, but then started giving me errors, so I tried it again and it didn't work at all, just gave me this error

mv: accessing '/mnt/networkmusic': Cannot allocate memory

The shared folder is on a windows 7 PC. I think I've read that a setting needs changed to allow it to operate more like a server, but I'm not sure where I read that or even how to set it up. Any ideas?

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Set the following registry key to 1;

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache

and set the following registry key to 3:


found it here:

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