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I have a bunch of folders with + instead of spaces. I tried mmv '*+*' '#1_#2' as well as mmv '*\+*' '#1_#2' with the result

+ -> #1_#2 : no match.


+ -> #1_#2 : no match.


What am I missing?

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Do it as mmv -r '*+*' '#1_#2'

man mmv says,

-r :   rename source file or directory to target name. The target name must not
       include a path: the file remains in the same directory in all cases. This
       option is the only way of renaming directories under mmv.
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I haven't used mmv before, but for something like this I'd go into the folder that you want to rename files in, and in a bash shell do something like:

for f in *; do mv "$f" "${f//+/ }"; done

Someone else here showed me this, and I asked about it. the ${f//+/ } is called Bash Shell Expansion. //+/ substitutes a space for a plus.

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This also works but as the question was targeted at using mmv I favor a solution using it. Can't upvote with only 8 rep... – black_puppydog Nov 29 '11 at 0:31

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