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I know Firefox extensions that allow protecting (cannot be closed) and locking (cannot change URL) tabs. What I need is an extension that locks a tab to a certain domain or URL pattern.

For example, I want to lock a tab to the domain example.com. As long as I follow links that are within this domain the tab should show normal (unlocked) behavior, but if I follow a link to another domain the link should be opened in new tab -- leaving the locked tab open with a URL within the locked domain.

Even better would be the functionality to lock a tab to a URL pattern. If a URL matches the pattern it is opened in the current tab, otherwise it is opened in a new tab.

Do you know something (preferably an extension for FF 8.0) that provides this kind of functionality.

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This is exactly what pinning a tab achieves: right-click tab, select "Pin Tab". More info here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/pinned-tabs-keep-favorite-websites-open

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