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Possible Duplicate:
What to do if my computer is infected by a virus or a malware?

Last night I got a rootkit in my Windows 7. I think it's the gromozon rootkit (I'm not sure). After resetting my computer, I got a blue screen of death. Here's the Windows 7 minidump, which you can download for finding the problem.

I really don't know how I could fix that. Booting in "last known good configuration" and "Safe Mode" didn't help.

I have another operating system (Windows XP) installed and tested some rootkit removal tools from it. All of them only search the Windows XP drive and I couldn't find a good one for searching the infected C: drive (with Windows 7), not Windows XP drive.

I have ESET Smart Security installed in Windows XP (latest updates), but it does not help either.

I have a NVIDIA graphics card on my system, but how can I fix its driver from Windows XP? I don't even know it's in relationship with that BSOD error or not.

Is there a software for finding and fixing the BSOD problem in Windows 7 drive? How can I see the event logs of Windows 7 with Windows XP?

In the answers I got some rootkit removal tools, but what about the finding and fixing the blue screen of death?

Please help me fix this bad problem. I had so many programs installed in Windows 7, for example Visual Studio for Web Developers, SQL Server 2008, etc.

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In case of malware-infection it is strongly recommendable, that you install the complete system new, or replay a full system-backup from before the infection. Even with removal-tools it is possible, that the malware loaded more programs on your system, that stay after removing the first one.

Some tips:

  • a compromised system cannot be trusted
  • check with an antivirus from a clean bootable medium to detect the malware in question and get more information
  • reinstall system and play back the backup of your data
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Use This Worked for my friend.

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hi, i test that.could n't find any gromozon rootkit.but i think it scans only windows xp drive (G), not windows 7 drive (c) | i'm not certain,that rootkit was gromozon or not. – LostLord Nov 29 '11 at 14:11
then you should search with a live system by one of the antivirs. eg try pctools, they have good software – Daniel Ruf Nov 29 '11 at 14:19
did you try gmer? – Daniel Ruf Nov 29 '11 at 14:19
yes, did n't find anything – LostLord Nov 29 '11 at 20:57

Try GMER to detect and remove it

If you cant access your system use a live system by one of the antivir developers out there (avast, symantec, pc tools, ...)

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