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I am using the ftp client on Ubuntu 10.04-64. After connecting and navigating to my upload and source destinations, I can

!ls a-long-filename

and even

!ls a-long-filename-fragm* 

and both find the files I want to upload.

However, when I

get a-long-filename 


mget a-long-filename-fragm* 

both return to the ftp> prompt without doing anything.

I have managed to upload other wildcard files from/to the same place using

mget a-different-filena*

Why can ls see the files but get/mget cannot?

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FYI: the real filenames look like XX-City-in-yyyymmdd-hhmmss-000123456. In otherwords, CompanyAbbrev - City - INcoming - sortedDate - militaryTime - itemNumber.tar.gz. – Wes Miller Nov 28 '11 at 20:53
mget is for downloads, try mput for upload – Random832 Jan 12 '12 at 20:45

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