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I have a VLM config for a mosaic broadcast however once the stream has finished playing, it will not restart regardless of the loop option. Does the loop option apply to certain streams only or just playlists?

# VLC media player VLM command batch

new bg broadcast enabled loop
setup bg input "fake://"
setup bg output #bridge-in{offset=10}:display
setup bg option fake-file=,_letchworth_state_park,_new_york.jpg
setup bg option fake-width=1024
setup bg option fake-height=768
setup bg option fake-aspect-ratio=16:9
setup bg option sub-filter=mosaic
setup bg option no-mouse-events
setup bg option no-keyboard-events
setup bg option no-audio
setup bg option vout=sdl
setup bg option mosaic-alpha=255
setup bg option mosaic-height=768
setup bg option mosaic-width=1024
setup bg option mosaic-align=5
setup bg option mosaic-xoffset=0
setup bg option mosaic-yoffset=0
setup bg option mosaic-vborder=5
setup bg option mosaic-hborder=5
setup bg option mosaic-bridge-chroma=I420
setup bg option mosaic-position=1
setup bg option mosaic-rows=2
setup bg option mosaic-cols=2
setup bg option mosaic-order=v1,v2,v3,v4
setup bg option no-mosaic-keep-picture
setup bg option no-mosaic-keep-aspect-ratio
new v1 broadcast enabled loop
setup v1 input "mmsh://"
setup v1 output #mosaic-bridge{id=v1,width=635,height=355}
setup v1 option mms-caching=5000
new v2 broadcast enabled loop
setup v2 input "mmsh://"
setup v2 output #mosaic-bridge{id=v2,width=635,height=355}
setup v2 option mms-caching=5000
new v3 broadcast enabled loop
setup v3 input "mmsh://"
setup v3 output #mosaic-bridge{id=v3,width=635,height=355}
setup v3 option mms-caching=5000
new v4 broadcast enabled loop
setup v4 input "mmsh://"
setup v4 output #mosaic-bridge{id=v4,width=635,height=355}
setup v4 option mms-caching=5000

control bg play
control v1 play
control v2 play
control v3 play
control v4 play
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Instead of loop, try using:

setup your_stream option input-repeat=-1

Found on the VideoLan forum.

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