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Is there a way to watch videos (for example on YouTube) faster?

I mean faster rate. I don't have problems with buffering etc., but I need to speed up videos :)

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Increase or Decrease the Playback Speed of YouTube Videos [HowTo]

Enounce MySpeed™ Plug-In for YouTube is a utility for Windows XP and Vista, which after installation, runs in your system tray. Whenever you visit a YouTube video page (in fact any page that contains a flash video), it shows a little slider using which you can change the video playback speed.

alt text

1.0 is the normal playback speed. Set the slider to anything less than 1.0 and you can slow down the video. Taking the slider above 1.0, increases the speed of video playback. A very good feature is that this utility doesn’t distort the audio even at high playback speeds. It eats less memory (about 7 Mb) and will not hog your system.

Required OS

Windows XP or Vista


Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or Firefox 2 or 3 (Google Chrome, Safari and Opera works, but is experimental).

Flash Version

Flash 9 or 10.


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Download the videos and watch them on your computer with VLC. To download them, there's plenty of Firefox addons, this site, or this piece of free and open source software. Personally I suggest Kick YouTube for the quickest and easiest downloading, and many formats that are easy to choose from.

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Have you seen MySpeed for PC?

You can also download the .flv file and play back in VLC Media Player.

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