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I want to store all source code of programs I have installed in /usr/src. However, due to size of the drive I made a sym link /usr/src that points to ~/src. That was nice. Unfortunately, that caused virtualbox-dkms to fail to build the virtualbox kernel module because of a symlink within the linux-headers-*-common. 'script' points to ./../lib/linux-kbuild-3.1/scripts what is fine in /usr/src directory but wrong in ~/src.

Can I bypass this problem or the only solution is to store sources within the directory /usr/src?

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I'm making /usr/src/ a binding mount fin having the following line in my /etc/fstab

 /home/Src        /usr/src         none     bind             0 0

The directory /home/Src has to exist before the mount.

Binding mounts are a bit like symbolic links for mounts; so inside /usr/src/Kernel the pwd command gives /usr/src/Kernel (and not /home/Src/Kernel as would a symbolic link have given)

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