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i wrote a hello world example.and run successfully,but i don't know where it is in the linux sys. When I run the command which hello.c. it doesn't show the path of the hello.c file . how to find out where's the path of the hello.c file. thank you

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It's likely in the current directory. Try ls -l hello.c.

Also, don't compile or debug software as root unless you have to. A bug in your code could completely hose your system.

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+1, especially if you're using ./ before the command – Canadian Luke Dec 1 '11 at 0:55

which shows you the location of executables; hello.c is a source file. If you wrote it, ideally you should remember where you put it. If not, something like

find ~ -name hello.c

might be useful (if it's somewhere under your home directory).

But first, try

ls -l hello.c
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Run find / -type f -name 'hello.c' as root. Depending on how big and how stuffed your hard drive is, it will take some time.

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