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Hi I just purchased an Asus 1215B laptop. It is dual core, and has stock 2 gigs of ram. Before the first boot ever, I imaged the drive, and restored onto a Corsair Force GT CSSD-F60GBGT-BK 2.5" 60GB SSD. I removed all partitions except for the main c:\ drive.

My question is: should I use a pagefile, readyboost file or both? I have used readyboost before on my desktop, on an internal SSD, and I got a performance boost.

I have heard on good authority that putting a swapfile on a SSD will decrease it's lifetime. Since my laptop only has a single drive, should I be worried about this? Also does a larger page/readyboost file equate to more disk writes?

Do you have any suggestion for the size of these files? I have 56 gigs usable space. Thanks!

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Since readyboost is for disk caching, and your disk is very fast, I don't see how that can really help or hurt you.

A pagefile is very useful, and should you run out of RAM it will be essential, but even without that, a pagefile is a good idea. See here for more info (see item six).

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Thanks for the great website and info. – portforwardpodcast Dec 2 '11 at 8:08

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