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I'm trying to get WindowsServer2008 up and running on VirtualPC 2007 on my Vista 64 bit. I've downloaded Windows Server 2008 VHD from the MSFT site

WindowsServer instance never comes up. I see a screen that says "Windows is loading files", and then the instance reboots. This goes in a loop.

Did anyone else get this combination working? Any tips?

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If the VHD is packaged for virtual server, it may have the VM additions pre-installed which may be different from what works in Virtual PC. So try booting into safe mode and see if you can un-install them and then re-install the ones that come with Virtual PC2007.

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+1 Reboot-loop sounds like a disk driver issuee... – Oskar Duveborn Sep 19 '09 at 13:53

I have found most of the VHD's work very well (although I haven't tried this exact one)

Have you made sure your general Virtual PC is working fine as expected? Have you done a restart since installing it and/or confirmed it is working by installing another OS or using another VHD?

If you have, then all I suggest is re downloading it from scratch and trying again.

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If you're using this image, it can't be run using VPC, it requires Hyper-V. Generally saying, it's useless, because to evaluate Windows Server 2008 you need Windows Server 2008.

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