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I don't like how conky shows top 5 processes with "$top_io name 5" parameter. Is there any way to make conky show all of them in a column at the same time like "top" does? Couldn't find it in man, maybe somebody will help.

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From the Conky Variable Documentation:

top_io  type num    Same as top, except sorted by the amount of I/O the process
                    has done during the update interval.

So it should be the same as top. Just specify what info you want.


${top_io name 1} ${top_io io_perc 1} ${top_io cpu 1} ${top_io mem 1}
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You could just do it yourself:

Save this to a shell script;

top -b -n1 | awk 'begin {print "pid","cpu","mem","cmd"} {print $1,$9,$10,$12}'

And call it from conky with whatever refresh interval you like;

${texeci 1 ~/path/to/}

The shell script will need some tweaking to your preferences, but it should get you started.

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