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I want to have a few console windows running tail -f on logs. Unfortunately this means that anyone with access to the computer can press Ctrl+c and have shell access.

So I want to lock the screen while still leave everything on the desktop visible.

So has anyone heard of a transparent screensaver or do you have a better idea on how to solve my problem?

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in this case the preferred DE and distro might be useful. Also, see this SU thread for ideas… - specifically looks promising, but i haven't tried it yet – Journeyman Geek Dec 1 '11 at 8:52
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This trick works for me:

$ xlock -mode blank -geometry 1x1

However, don't forget that for mission critical servers which hold private data, a screen saver is not enough. Screen savers are programs, they may eventually have bugs. Sometimes they segfault and that may be the reason for unwanted people to get access. During 10 years of linux I've seen xlock segfaulting a couple of times. Fortunately, only on my home workstation which was physically safe from intruders :-)

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What about running those tail -f in screen, then detach from the screen and run vlock?

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