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I have removed the Ubuntu 10.04 from windows 7 this morning but when restarting the computer the following error comes: no such partition. grub rescue> only responding for commands ls giving

(hd0) (hd0,2) (hd0,1) (hd1)

(hd1) is my flash where i burned the Ubuntu 10.04

and command set gives you

prefix=(hd0,4)/boot/grub root=hd0,4

How can I make the system usable again?

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You have deleted the partition where grub was installed.

1) In case you want to install Ubuntu again you can proceed with a regular installation

2) If you want to keep just windows , you can boot your windows using this [you might need to use hd0,2 depending on where you have installed windows]

grub>root (hd0,1)
grub>chainloader +1

go into recovery mode and use "fixmbr" command to rewrite the boot sector

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