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How can I configure QuickSynergy so that my Mac can share it's keyboard and mouse with my linux computer?

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I had some problems with this, it was almost too simple.

This is how I got it to work, other ways may be possible.

First you need to install QuickSynergy on both computers.

On the client (The computer you want to control with the servers kbd/mouse)
Start QuickSynergy and click the USE tab, there you need to enter two values.

First field is the IP-address of the server.
Second is the full name of the client. (You can get it by doing nslookup on the clients IP). enter image description here

On the server
Start QuickSynergy and click the Share tab.
Put in the Full name of the client (same value as in the second field above)
enter image description here

Then I clicked Run/Execute without changing the tab on the server first and then the client.

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