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I have a regular wordpress blog for common .NET/C# articles. I wanted to move on to a solution in .NET to implement plug-in and to do some custom pages and code formatting.

I've heard of a few of course but i wanted to have the opinion on the community wich one do you use and why??? What are the spécifiques good and bad part of each (blogEngine, ...)

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3 Answers

You should also take a look at BlogEngine.net, which supports all the standard features, and gives the option of storing all your posts in XML files, which makes installing, backing up and migrating very straightforward for newbies to ASP.NET.

Read about its features here

The project is hosted at CodePlex: blogengine.codeplex.com

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I've read alot about BlogEngine, its one of the most famous but i wanted to know why is this such a good choise for users –  Polo Sep 4 '09 at 9:22
I looked into BE.net originally because of the ability to use XML, meaning I didn't need to pay for SQL server with my webhosting. Also, at the time, BE.net was being actively developed, while dasblog and subtext were looking a little neglected, although they seem to be getting updated again now. To be honest, there seems to be very little difference between all three in terms of features. –  Mark Heath Sep 4 '09 at 9:48
Except one more "free"than the others ^^ good point for BE –  Polo Sep 4 '09 at 9:52
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Take a look at the dasBlog blogging engine: http://www.dasblog.info/


Anti-Spam Features

  • Automatic Referral and Trackback blacklist update
  • CAPTCHA for non-admin users (Font warping has also been increased in this version)
  • Logging and display of Comment IP addresses and resolved Hostnames for Admins
  • DasBlogUpgrader can strip spam from existing content folders
  • Support for rel="nofollow"
  • Ability to delete referrals and trackbacks directly from the Admin UI
  • Delete comments directly from your mail reader
  • Comment moderation option
  • RSS Emails removed to avoid having email addresses stolen from Feeds
  • Support for AKISMET (next release)

Security Features

  • HttpOnly cookies
  • Admin access auditing
  • SMTP Authentication for outgoing mail

Syndication Features

  • Improved RSS Comments support for SharpReader and RSS Bandit
  • Upgraded Atom support from 0.3 to Valid Atom 1.0. ATOM Syndication permalink changes but 301 is issued.
  • RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 validates via FeedValidator.
  • Ability to mark entries as "syndicated" or not. Entries can appear on the site but not in RSS/Atom.
  • New between RC1 and Gold: Plugable, configurable pinging of Blog Search engines like pubsub and technorati.
  • Channel Image feature (RSS Bug)
  • Direct Feedburner Support with 301 redirection for RSS and Atom feeds.

Performance Features

  • Search Highlighting is optional now
  • Referrals are logged but not stored in XML by default. Configurable. (This has huge performance benefits for high traffic sites.)
  • dasBlog Upgrader can optionally remove all referrals. (Again with high traffic sites some folks had 5meg XML files full of referrals)
  • Theme templates are now cached in memory.
  • Log files are archived daily to .zip files.
  • Support for Really Simple Discovery (RSD) so client software can autoconfigure itself
  • Support for alternate SMTP ports

Installation Features

  • VBS for IIS permissions and VDir creation
  • Support for running under ASP.NET 2.0
  • Support for running on Win2k 2003 without changing permissions when impersonation is enabled
  • dasBlogBlogXContentImporter tool

Content Features

  • Ability to pre- and post-date entries
  • Cross Posting (post is added two blogs at once)
  • Permalinks based on Title and Date optional: 2005/06/06/title.aspx
  • Latest build of Free Text Box including ability to upgrade FTB without upgrading DasBlog.
  • Text Editor (FTB) supports IE7
  • Text Editor (FTB) supports FireFox
  • Blog Statistics Log
  • Blog Statistics macro
  • Archive pages macro
  • macro for items disclaimer
  • macro for homePageTemplate disclaimerLink
  • Mail-To-Weblog continues to improves. Works with Thunderbird.
  • Upload Image and Upload Attachment
  • Comments can now be "closed" for a given Entry
  • Entries can be set to IsPublic (i.e. working drafts before release)
  • Large calendar view with posts
  • Blogroll.aspx for rendering your blogroll.opml file
  • TrackBack Autodiscovery is attempted before PingBack Autodiscovery
  • Pingbacks from one dasBlog to another dasBlog work
  • TagCloud Support
  • Support for Mobile Browsers like Blackberries and SmartPhones
  • Top Posters macro and total comments
  • Macros for Next Post and Previous Post
  • Macro for Category Paging (next release)
  • Support for Gravatars
  • Support for limited HTML markup in comments
  • Email page for leaving comments to the author, includes Captcha
  • Pluggable Rich Text Editor, choose from the latest version of FreeTextBox or FCKEditor or write your own adapter
  • Multi-user/blogger support
  • Emailed Daily Activity Reports
  • Support for Blogging directly from Word 2007
  • DHTML Timeline of Posts from the MIT Simile project
  • Support for SMTP Servers like Gmail for notifications (and alternate SMTP ports)
  • LiveComment Preview
  • Category and Home Page Paging Macros

Extensibility Features

  • Custom Macro Plugin model without recompiling DasBlog (see the source for the example custom macro)
  • Works with Windows Live Writer out of the box
  • Support for CoComment
  • Microsummary support for Firefox 2.0 Beta
  • Automatic generation of Google SiteMaps
  • Automatic disabling of Comments after a certain number of days. Also manual "close comments" support
  • ContentLookAhead show future dated posts
  • Ajax Autosave Drafts support

Theme Features

  • dasBlog now ships with 24 themes and a Theme Combo to change between them.
  • theme.manifest file makes themes and image assets more portable.
  • dasBlog Badges/Artwork


  • ASP.NET 2.0, C#
  • Medium Trust model
  • Operational under ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.0
  • Structured XML data store
  • Supports template themes (Ships with over 24)
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Great answer waiting for some more :) –  Polo Sep 4 '09 at 8:55
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Don't forget SubText. It's written by Phil Haack, the lead developer for MVC at Microsoft.

I use it for all my blogs at the moment, and they are busy re-factoring the code to implement MVC in the near future.

The feature list is available here

Personally I have done some nice work with this both in code and through the themes. The themes makes use of User Controls and are extremely powerful. It also has a powerful Image Gallery and an excellent support structure through the development mailing list.

The next release is fairly soon as well.

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