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I have a mssql connection resource file as belows:

<% Set Conn01 = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection") Conn01.Open "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=forum;UID=forumuser;PWD=forumpass;APP=;Initial Catalog=forumdb" %>

The webserver can interact with the database server when an user logs into the forum BUT I can't ping "forum" machine from the webserver machine. It says "host doesn't resolve." So how am I supposed to know the IP of the database server? There is only a name called "forum" but it doesn't resolve to anything when I attempted pinging the machine.

I need to know the IP address of this data source.


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forum is the name of your host's local database server (i.e. the MSSQL server). Your scripts are hosted locally in relation to the database, which is why you can use them to reference forum. However, your own computer is on an outside network in which forum has no meaning. If that's not clear, imagine if lots of people all named their MSSQL servers, forum. How would anyone be able to resolve the correct forum server they wanted?

If you do need the IP address then you should talk to your host's technical support.

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Well, so, how does the webserver reach the database? We have like 10 machines in the local area network but we don't have any machine named "forum". – jonathan dimitri Dec 1 '11 at 22:42
The reason your database works for users browsing the forum is because the forum (ASP/ASP.NET) scripts are uploaded to the webserver too, making the database server visible to them. If the webserver is in-house and you're wanting access to the database server via your LAN, then you need to look into Enabling Network Access. – John H Dec 1 '11 at 23:00

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