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Are there any plans in current or future DisplayPort implementations to carry USB?

I'm thinking that you could have your keyboard/mouse plugged into your monitor and then two DisplayPort inputs. The input would get routed over DisplayPort and your monitor would act as a keyboard-mouse switch.

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Of course it can. The feature is called USB over AUX, since the DisplayPort v1.2 Standard specifies this in its Link Layer.

You'll find information in the DisplayPort 1.2 press release:

Another new feature is the ability to support high-speed, bi-directional data transfer, allowing USB 2.0 or Ethernet data to be carried within a standard DisplayPort cable. For DisplayPort v1.2, the maximum data rate of this “AUX” channel has been increased from 1 Mbps (Mega-bit-per-second) to 720 Mbps, providing suitable bandwidth for USB 2.0. The DisplayPort cable can therefore support USB data to/from the display to support Display USB functions, in addition to sending the video and audio information. Standard Ethernet can also be transported in the DisplayPort cable.

Also, see this presentation from VESA's Craig Wiley at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics for a relevant quote:

Fast AUX mode can be used for USB 2.0 data to support USB hub in Display (cable consolidation)

enter image description here

I don't know of any current DisplayPort v1.2 enabled devices, but it's definitely possible.

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The only DisplayPort 1.2 devices I'm aware of, period, is the current Apple Cinema Display and any current Macs with a Thunderbolt port. (Thunderbolt supports DP1.2) I don't know if the Cinema Display supports USB specifically, though, or even if it has USB ports. – Shinrai Dec 1 '11 at 22:22
@Shinrai I think the Cinema displays have USB ports, but they are probably separate from the DP connection. – slhck Dec 1 '11 at 22:25

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