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How can I get my video card / VGA port to output sound?

I want to plug the red, white and yellow RCA plugs into my RCA monitor (it has built in speakers).

vga to s-vid and audio

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VGA is video only. I can't possibly think of any use for the pictured adapter, except possibly with some non-standard specialty equipment that sends signals on pins where they shouldn't be.

For specificity's sake:

enter image description here

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Video cards don't emit audio. Video cards and audio cards can combine their efforts and send everything to a HDMI port, but each looks after it's own media.

You most likely want this pair of cables:

VGA to RCA 2.5mm to RCA

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This isn't exactly true - lots of new video cards have onboard audio controllers for, say, output over HDMI or DP. (Of course, this assumes a video protocol that supports carrying audio on the same cable, and of course VGA is not one.) – Shinrai Dec 2 '11 at 19:57
Thanks for that! I suspected technology would have gotten ahead of me. – Hand-E-Food Dec 4 '11 at 21:47

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