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When I go into my ATI Radeon HD5700 Series Properties, and choose Color Management, then Identify monitors, it shows monitor 1 on right, and 2 on left. When I go to Windows 7 display properties, Windows has it correct (1 on left, 2 on right). Assumingly by some sort of virtual Windows identification.

This is kind of annoying since applications will open on ATI's monitor 1 (right). I want left to be monitor 1 default.

How can I fix ATI so that monitor 1 is on left, and 2 on right?

When I open ATI CCC, I don't see much outlining this.

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It doesn't matter which number is which. Just set whichever you want to be the primary and new applications should open there by default. (Old applications will probably remember where they were).

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It shouldn't matter, but if you really care, just switch the cables, then arrange the screens in Windows so that Windows and ATI agree.

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Under ATI's CCC, go under detect displays and click on the #2 monitor. There should be a menu item or a right click menu to make that monitor the primary.

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