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I have a macbook pro with a triple boot with refit and mac/debian/win7, It worked fine for a while.

But now, when I'm in the refit menu or on debian, the screen is always on power-saving mode (like if the electrical input is unplugged) even if the electric input is plugged in.

This doesn't appear on windows or mac.

This problem appeared after switching the harddrive a couple time.

Both harddrives have a triple boot with refit win7/mac/linux and the problem appears no matter which drive is plugged in.

A friend told me that the bios of the macbook is updated when a harddrive is changed, is there a way to access this bios or reset it ?

Or is it totally unrelated to the bios ?

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I found a workaroud, if I put the macbook in sleep mode and open it back again, the screen-power-saving mode is disabled and back as normal. – Raphael Jan 2 '12 at 9:47
I found a permanent workaround: boot on mac, let it hibernate with low battery, restart, it has crashed while trying to restore, reboot and "magic" and the powersaving bug gets fixed under refit and ubuntu – Raphael Jan 24 '12 at 11:36

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