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I am using SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 11G on my system.

Running both database services is making my system very slow. In order to stop the services I have to go to Services and stop them manually.

Is there way to manage the services from my desktop, similar to XAMPP?

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You could create a couple of batch files on your desktop and use net start and net stop. Then you'd just double-click on whatever action you want to take. No software required.


Or, you could create Powershell scripts and use start-service and stop-service

start-service MSSQLSERVER
stop-service MSSQLSERVER

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An SQL Server is a specific type of database server that implements structured query language, or SQL. SQL allows users to manage the types of data that are stored in RDBMS databases. An Oracle database is a database management system that is object relational, which means that elements like objects and classes are directly supported in the schemas. Both are used in a wide variety of professional applications across the industry.

SQL Servers and Oracle databases are both managed from the desktop environment by various types of database server and data management applications designed specifically for that purpose. Microsoft SQL Server, as its name suggests, is an application that is expressly designed to allow you to manage SQL Servers in any way that you see fit. Newest versions of the application are also fully integrated with cloud-based computing solutions, allowing for the easy migration of data from one platform to another. Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 allows for the creation of solutions for both on-premises environments as well as public cloud applications.

Oracle itself offers a database management tool called Oracle Enterprise Manager that allows you to control every aspect of your database from the desktop environment. Oracle's Database Management software was the first self-management tool that was built directly into the database kernel. It can be used for applications like zero-overhead instrumentation as well as configuration management, testing, patching, provisioning and more. Third party companies also make similar database management applications that are designed specifically for Oracle databases. The most recently released version of Oracle's Enterprise Manager software is version 12.

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