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I have a formula in Excel that I would like to autofill to 999,999 other cells. How can I do this without dragging the autofill handle down the entire sheet?

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The key is to select all the cells from the one that has the formula all the way down and then fill down the formula. These steps do that quickly:

Select the cell with the formula, then while holding down the Shift key, press the End key and then press the down arrow; now release the Shift key. This will resize the selection to include the blank cells below the active cell; if all cells below are blank, it will resize the selection all the way to the end of the sheet.

Once the range is selected, press Ctrl-D to fill down the formula.

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This only repeats the value in the first cell. Unlike dragging the fill handle, which will automatically increment certain things. How to get the auto-increment? – Ben May 17 at 16:03
Turns out that's answered and links back here:… – Ben May 17 at 16:06
The OP was asking how to fill down formulas, not values. – Rachel Hettinger May 17 at 21:21

Double clicking the auto-fill handle (small rectangle at bottom left of selected cells) will auto-fill the column, until it detects a blank cell to its left.

See for example:

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Only useful, if you already have 999,999 entries already entered to the left or right. – Ben May 17 at 16:04

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