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I'm trying to find a tutorial I found months ago but it looks like it's disappeared off the face of the planet. I thought I would have better luck looking through my Google Chrome browsing history but I can't see history past September. Can I force Google Chrome to display history further into the past? Can I retrieve the history manually from a directory? Is the history data gone?

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Chrome is pathetic and useless it only retains history for 10 weeks which makes it only of use to people who want a browser to surf dirty sites and sweep up and hide their tracks afterwards. Every other browser lets you keep your history indefinitely (space permitting), thus allowing you to backtrack and find information from a long time ago. I’m really getting sick and tired of Chromes forced limitations and treating users like brain-dead, infantile, miscreants. I’m preparing to permanently switch to something else (probably Firefox or Opera). –  Synetech Aug 13 '13 at 19:55

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No, Chrome only stores the browsing history for the last 10 weeks.

Use the History page to view a list of websites you've ever visited in the last 10 weeks while using Google Chrome in standard mode.

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Actually there is an "Archived History" file which contains the old (probably the whole, but not sure about that) history of browsing. It can be viewed with an SQL database viewer. Also, it only contains visits. http://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Google_Chrome#History

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More or less, yes. I suspect that what happened was that because the User Data folder was growing out of control, they changed it so that instead of retaining all of the history indefinitely, they remove the History* files which store the contents of all of the pages you visited, and use the Archived History page to store just the visits and times. You can indeed see the raw visits with SQLite or something (I exported mine to a text file). –  Synetech Aug 13 '13 at 20:01

Yes the history will have gone by now, the only way to get it would be restoring from a backup if you have one from back then?

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I guess there should be a plugin for chrome that stores separately your history, so you will always preserve everything. The extension History Trends Unlimited is related:

Google Chrome - How to extend history?

You can view your search history by web:


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We expect more out of answers than a link to a website considering explaining what you linked to in your own words –  Ramhound Aug 27 '14 at 21:04

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