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I am about formating my computer. I would like to know whether is possible to export all saved wireless networks and restore them back. I have about 50, mostly from clients, and I don't want to mark passwords or something.

Any suggestions?

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In command prompt type the following to view all your wireless profiles:

netsh wlan show profiles

Next for each profile that you want to export run the following command, I would suggest saving to a USB drive or network share. Just make sure it's something secure because you don't want people stealing your clients wifi information.

netsh wlan export profile name="network-name-here" folder="d:\destination"

Finally on the computer where you want to add the profiles run the following command to import from the USB pen or network share.

netsh wlan add profile filename="d:\source.xml"

I would suggest testing out the commands first, before formatting, just to make sure they work for you and there are no supprises after the format.

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you could just type

netsh wlan export profile folder="c:\destination"
and that will put them all in a folder named "destination" on your c:

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