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In my company I am using Fedora computer and I wanted to set up a VNC there, so I can access it from my home computer, which uses Ubuntu.

Unfortunately our internet connection is not so good, so I am looking for the most light-weighted VNC server and window manager. I really don't need too much fancy stuff -- I just need to use eclipse and terminal window on my work computer.

Can anyone recommend something? I don't have an experience of setting up VPN, so if there is a step-by-step tutorial, that will be great as well.


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The most lightweight VNC server might actually be the worst. You aren't transferring the server itself, but video data, and smarter servers might deal better with poor connections. I cannot recommend any specific programs, though.

There might be better choices than VNC, too: FreeNX is a very popular alternative; there's also Xpra and xrdp (Remote Desktop).

Out of lightweight window managers, there's the classic twm, Openbox, various tiling WMs such as wmii/dwm...

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