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I use Notepad++ for development and the NPPExec plugin to execute the code. To execute, I press Ctrl-F6 to Execute the program. This invokes the console dialog to show the output of the compiler.

What I find annoying is that there is no way to toggle the console dialog off. There is an option Toggle Console ( Ctrl-~ ) but this does not toggle it off, instead just transfers the focus back to the editor.

Is there a plugin or some work around to auto hide the console dialog ?


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It's not obvious, but you can fix the "toggle console off" feature:

In the Console, press F3 or F7 and check "Hide toggled Console" in the appeared bottom controls. (Or you can press Ctrl+T in the Console to get the same effect.)

You can also prevent the console from automatically appearing for a given script by including the following line at the top of your NppExec code:

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also you can use Ctrl + ~ to switch in and out of the console window. – mythealias Oct 28 '12 at 1:06
even better, add it on the bottom of the NppExec exec code; that way the console will briefly appear and auto-close on NppExec code end – user235035 Dec 24 '14 at 17:14

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