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In September 2009 I bought a Crucial M225 128GB 2.5" SATA-II SSD. I have been running Windows 7 64 bits in the SSD disk for two years.

Last week I began to get some errors. chkdsk was delivering some errors at boot time but it seemed able to recover. But after a couple of days with these weird errors I got a blue screen in Windows during startup just after the Windows Logo is loaded. Windows blue screen show a STOP error 0x00000050 (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA).

It seems I was suffering the same problem as described in the Super Site question Getting a Stop error on vista boot page fault in nonpaged area question


I checked if it was a RAM Issue.

  • Run a memory test using the diagnostic tool - passed
  • Run a memtest86+ and I did not get any memory errors.

So, I thought my only chance was to reinstall Windows 7. I backed up important files and reinstalled the OS. Everything run fine for the first 24 hours but after a couple of boots I began getting errors. I run chkdsk in my SSD disk with the repair option and I got several errors:

chkdsk errors

It is safe to assume that there is no other solution than replacing the SSD disk because it is going to keep failing?

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FYI, "SSD" is an abbreviation of "Solid State Disk", so "SSD disk" or even "SSD hard disk" do not make sense. – Lekensteyn Dec 5 '11 at 20:22

(This is only an answer to the first part of the question)

This is apparently an error generated by a USB device


The page includes a hotfix that you should apply.

Hotfix page:

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