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I have a CentOS 6 server with eight physical network adapters.

I want to run Windows Server 2008 R2 as a Guest OS in VirtualBox with a bridged network adapter. On my CentOS box eth2 ( is the main network adapter. eth0 is the adapter I want to use for the bridged adapter for my first Guest OS.

In CentOS eth0 has an IP address of; my Guest OS has an IP of There are no networking problems with this setup, everything works just fine. My problem is that I am using two IPs for a single Guest OS: and

Can I eliminate on eth0 (by commenting out IPADDR in ifcfg-eth0), or are both IPs (on the host and guest) required?

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If you only need the guest to have a valid IP address you can assign the host adapter a nonsense address of

The virtual OS should still interface with the rest of the network through its own IP

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