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It seems like Microsoft goofed up again and did not include a feature in Windows 7 to order taskbar items. To clarify, you can now order the groups, but not the items within the groups.

So let's say I have 10 Windows Explorer taskbar items open and would like to order those taskbar items. What software would I use for Windows 7 to order taskbar items?

Software mentioned in this post "Does any software exist for Windows XP to change the order of items in the taskbar?", does not mention Windows 7 support or specifically says that Windows 7 is not supported.

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Check out 7Taskbar Tweaker.

A tool that allows you to:

  • Group/ungroup/show label/hide label per Application ID.
  • Reorder items within a tab group (drag’n'drop).
  • Close/minimize/etc. multiple windows at once.
  • Change Application ID of windows (that is, grouping whatever windows you want). You can open it from the tweaker main window, from its tray menu, or optionally by double/middle clicking the empty space of the taskbar.
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